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You see, even though I invited you to attend our best-ever Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp, you didn't join us in person.

But there's GOOD news. You can still get all the coaching secrets at the best price possible. Keep reading to learn more ...

You see, every December for the past 16 years, we’ve held the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp here at the Ranch. It's a very different kind of clinic. A 3-day gathering with many new ideas, but only one goal ...

Developing The Elite Throwing Athlete

With longer sessions you can dig your teeth into. A culture and a venue with an open exchange of ideas ... where you can get input from new disciplines and backgrounds.

A place where you pick and choose the techniques and innovations that you can use to make your pitchers better. 

We've been honored with amazing guest presenters such as Tom House, Paul Nyman, Dr. Mike Marshall, Dr. Frans Bosh, Perry Husband, Dr. Marcus Elliot, Dr. John Eliot, Derek Johnson, Phil Donley, Jimmy Vatcher, Brent Strom, Ken Ravizza, Jerry Weinstein, Lee Fiocchi, Barry Zito, Eric Cressey, Andy McKay, Dr. Andy Arthur, Fred Corral, Wes Johnson, Ken Knutson, Kyle Boddy, Phil Donley, Tom Hanson and Paul Reddick, among many others.

Important: Rarely did any of these experts agree fully with what we do at the Texas Baseball Ranch. In fact, several disagreed significantly with our methods. And that's fine. We actively seek different viewpoints and bring them to you here.

Because our goal is not to give you a "one size fits all" approach to coaching. Nobody knows it all. We don't care who is right. We only care what is right. 

When you get ahold of this event on DVD, you'll see that our experts challenge conventional thinking ... offer you unique perspectives ... and give you new, more effective ways to develop your throwing athlete.

That's one reason why every one of our Ultimate Coaches' Boot Camps have sold out for the last 16 years. Just take a look at how we packed the room ...

And this year our theme was ...

  "The Big 5: Velocity, Command, Swing
  and Miss Stuff, Recovery, and Mindset"

Expert Speakers

Engage with thought leaders who will transform how you think and coach

Brent Strom

Pitching Coach

Houston Astros

Erik Johnson


San Diego Padres

Derek Johnson

Pitching Coach

Milwaukee Brewers

Perry Husband


"Hitting is A Guess"

Flint Wallace

Player Development Director

Texas Baseball Ranch

Randy Sullivan


Florida Baseball Ranch

Ron Wolforth

Founder and CEO

Texas Baseball Ranch

The Agenda: Captured on DVD

Boot Camp - Fri. - Sun., December 9-11 

See and learn from 11 expert coaches and speakers. It's the biggest and most diverse lineup we've ever assembled. Take a look ...

1) Brent Strom - Pitching Coach, Houston Astros. Former MLB pitcher, current  Astros pitching coach, the guy who guided Dallas Keuchel to the 2015 Cy Young

2) Derek Johnson - Pitching Coach, Milwaukee Brewers. Not many big-league coaches have "author" on their resume, but Derek literally wrote the book on pitching -- The Complete Guide to Pitching. You get his insights on what's working and what's not at the Major League level

3) Erik Johnson - Pitcher, San Diego Padres. One of many "Ranch hands" to make it to the Big Leagues, Erik will share his experience on what it takes to compete and win at the highest level

4) Tony Robicheaux - Head Coach Louisiana University at Lafayette. In 29 seasons, Robichaux has a career record of 1,037-669-1 and ranks Top 20 amongst active NCAA Div. I head coaches in victories, with 54 of his players selected in the MLB Draft

5) Perry Husband - Author, Hitting is A Guess. He patented the science of Effective Velocity, used by MLB and university coaches and pitchers. His innovations are changing the game of baseball. He has forever changed how we attack hitters at The Ranch

6) Flint Wallace - Director of Player Development, Texas Baseball Ranch. Flint has been my right-hand guy for years. He is THE guy to give you new perspectives and drills to implement Ranch training

7) Randy Sullivan - Director, Florida Baseball Ranch. Randy is a physical therapist and coach with over 23 years' experience working with pitchers, including high-profile MLB clients. He has authored 4 books on pitching and has helped 159 pitchers break the 90 mph barrier. His Florida Baseball Ranch is the rehab wing of the Ranch consortium

8) Dr. Edward V. Fehringer - Orthopedic Surgeon.  You'll get a medical expert's inside perspective on. rotator cuff tears, shoulder and elbow injuries, tendon tears -- and how to avoid them. Dr. Fehringer has been selected as one the Best Doctors in America from 2007-2016

9) Adam Ross - Head S&C Coach, Dallas Baptist University. In addition to serving as Athletic Performance Coach for Dallas Baptist baseball, he's also Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. Previously, he served in Astros' organization and was mentored by Dr. Gene Coleman -- the first strength coach in Major League Baseball

10) Ryan Dupic - Head Coach, Concordia University. Ryan gets results. He's led Concordia to its winningest two-year stretch in program history (2015-2016). Prior to his arrival, the program had not had a winning season since 1979

11) Ron Wolforth - Founder and CEO, Texas Baseball Ranch. I'll be delivering a full year's worth of lessons learned coaching more than 300 pitchers at the high school, college, and MLB levels. Any one of them could be a huge "Ah ha!" moment for you. That's because ...

No Other Place On Earth Has Developed More 90 MPH Pitchers Since 2003

For the past 16 years, admission to the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp has been by invitation only -- and you're reading this because you were invited.

We packed every minute of this Boot Camp with the best breakthroughs we've discovered in the past year at the Ranch ... and the best experts we've found in our travels across the country.

Imagine boiling 365 days of growth as a coach down to just one DVD. That’s what you get here. 

What Coaches Said About Our Boot Camp

Easily the best thing I do for my personal growth as a pitching/throwing coach every year. If there is one ‘must do’ event, December in Houston (at the Ranch) is it.”
- Ken Knutson, Former Associate Head Coach, Arizona State University

Coach Wolforth is at the forefront when it comes to pitching research, and I look forward to bringing back new tools to apply with the MN Blizzard and our MN Baseball Academy clients.” -  Jesse Tollefson, Minnesota Blizzard Elite Baseball

Having attended the Pitching Boot Camp three times, I can truly say it is the most wonderful three days of pitching knowledge ... the information is second to none. You will get better by simply being present.”
- Fred Corral, Pitching Coach, University of Georgia

Just wanted to thank you for another great experience at the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp. This was my 6th or 7th time to attend ... and I came away with another boatload of information. I hope you guys continue to offer this experience for years to come. Each year I look forward to learning and being challenged at Boot Camp!"
- Adam Moseley, Head Baseball Coach, Hoover High School

Now, here's that GOOD news I promised you.

Because if you’re even a little curious about all the secrets being shared ... and really would have liked to attend in person ...

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By reserving your private set of Boot Camp Video DVDs now, you're doing two important things:

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